Friday, November 4, 2011

The New Taste of Life - Blackberry & Apple

As she gets back from office, Sneha is greeted by her maid while all other members are engrossed in their virtual world. As she passes by the drawing room, Sneha finds her spouse Vikram updating his status from his Laptop. Her 9 year old daughter is peering into the LCD TV screen, whereas her 11 years old son is busy with his PlayStation.

The picturesque was to be quite different 5 years back, when people was not so tech pro. Not only the grown ups but also the kids are becoming so gadget friendly these days. Gone are the days wherein the kids would be craving to go to the adjacent park or play area to get into outdoor activities and spending hours in the open air. Today, this is how technology is driving our needs more than we drive them.

Living digital is the trend of the new school in town where the LCD TV screen is replacing the old school black-boards. The crowd in the joggers park is lessening day by day (thanks to the motorized treadmills). Everything is turning out in a mobile state, with the number of mobile phones in the country is growing more than the number of private toilets available for use. Scenario have also changed for the book readers, they no more prefer printed books, instead they have turned E-readers. The entire generation cannot think a life without the Blackberry and Apple iPods/iPads. But life was much simpler and easy going when they were just considered as fruits.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going for the Winning Game

What makes you win over your competitors' - "Your Undivided attention on your Goal". You have to decide from the very beginning at what you want to achieve for your Brand. What your client want out of the media investment they are planning for? Hence it will be crystal clear what to expect and how to achieve your goal.
There needs to be a strategic approach towards achieving your objectives. Simple rules can be followed in a sequential manner.
1) Formulate two different options with the top two strategic approaches to achieve the Brand's desired objectives.
2) Evaluate each option with the results that can be made tangible and choose the best option to go ahead with.
3) Never keep all your eggs in the same never know the risk could be very high.
4) Keep track and monitor results on a regular basis.
5) Keep your client posted about the benefits of the efforts taken by you.
Happy Reading!!