Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Within days, Kolaveri Di song became India's most-searched YouTube video ever, the first Tamil film song to play on MTV India and National radio stations and articles were (or maybe are and counting) being written in Indian and International press almost every other day. Top line news portals started talking about its making, shaking, breaking and the rest of the story is a history. More than 49 million people viewed the video (only the original, not the fake viral) and still counting (49 million and one, two…). Kolaveri Di trend began with young gentleman Anirudh Ravichander, 21 (Bali Umar and all) and his first ever composition for a Tamil film that has got the entire country dancing to its beats (Ya and not to mourn for failure in love). So much so that veteran Hindi Actors and Musicians went gaga over the song.

“God helps those who help themselves”. Everyone knows about this, but now YouTube is your virtual God and it will help you only if you take the initiative to go ahead with your passion and make it big, bigger and biggest. Many small town housewives are bringing their culinary tangent into forefront and making it a super hit cookery show on the digital space. Amateur young singers are recording their own versions of popular Bollywood numbers in their four wall space and receiving fame and prominence overnight. Even gym instructors are recording workout videos to reduce the flab (nothing against our Bollywood Hotties). All these are not only helping the punters, but it is bringing fame to the instructor whose gymnasium is poured with impressed viewers. So guys… life won’t be at a reverse gear if we follow the trend and the Digital God. If you have it in you just bring it on……and “You can Do It”.

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