Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smart Homes or Smart Phones

Smart Life:
Everyone has heard of smart phones or is using one, but smart homes would make your life much easier than what you have today. How about not making a grocery list at the beginning of the month, since all the groceries will be ready on your platter? Well, all that one has to do is to pick up the groceries from the store or call for a home delivery. Just Imagine, while you are driving back home, you can access your kitchen & the microwave oven to keep your food ready to eat while you reach home and come to the dinner table just after taking a relaxing shower (I know it’s already making you think about it). If that is so, my friend this is not all, you can also keep almost everything in your home just on your fingertips; only at the control of a mobile device. SMART!

The future of the new homes built across metros will be using “Smart home technology”. For our understanding; this technology controls & helps to make all electronic devices in and around our home to act "smart" or more automated. Almost all major appliances that will be part of your home will take advantage of this technology through home networks and the internet. A smart home has to be one that is well networked, also has appliances/gadgets which will allow the smart home owner to do less or no work and it also has many more features, which provides you with more time for yourself.

Tic Toc Tic:

Various real estate companies in India have already started coming up with projects having the “Smart home technology”. Now you don’t have to worry about the relative whom you don’t want to entertain during the weekend, as you will be able to see the visitor at your door, even if you are miles away ( hmmmm...this brings smile on your face, I know as you don’t want intruders to take away your peace on weekends). Hence the weekend time would mean more time for yourself and your loved ones. And whenever they are visiting your house in future, you can also surprise them by changing the theme of your house as per your mood. Unbelievable but it’s true!

You can relax from your worries on home front while at work, because even if your old parents are staying at home alone, they can call for the ambulance with the press of a button and during the emergency you will be alerted simultaneously. Nonetheless, you can also keep a watch on your kid, who spends a lot of time playing in the nearby park. Your kitchen will equally be safe, as your smart home will be able to detect any kind of gas leakage or can raise alarm if any kind of fire breaks out. Not only this, your smart home will be safer than any ordinary home, as the security devices are so tight that you will be instantly alerted, if any suspicious activity from any unknown person is seen in the vicinity of your home.

It is observed and checked. No fad information for my folks and friends. Make your life simple but smart, because we have one life and we have to live it up!!

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