Monday, January 16, 2012

Tech Savoir-faire : Let’s keep it Simple

Keep Talking, While Jogging: The common sight that most jogger’s park walker notices now-a-days is that a corporate honcho dressed into those Nike & Adidas sports gear, all set to take a stroll in the park lane, ends up attending yet another phone call. Round one…..tring tring. The Blackberry buzzed so loudly that it distracted all those passing ramblers. He disconnected and proceeded with the walk. Round two…..tring tring….Disconnected. Round three….. tring tring..With utter disgust he took the call and then the evening walk went for a toss. We have left that generation where your grandparents would think a computer virus is an actual bug or your dad thinks net surfing is a type of sport. The world has evolved a lot and so has the digital space (thanks to Apple and Blackberry). Events happening all around the planet are just a click away.

No Kidding, Only Facebooking: As it’s said, an orchestra full of stars can be a disaster. The same goes for our tech savvy generation. The gadget freak world is breaking the pitch between the digital and personal life. According to recent researches, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country's population and more than 25% of the population is overweight. The sadistic element is, we can spare hours in updating the nitty-gritty’s’ of our daily life (gud mrng frnds, going to brush my teeth now - 27 likes; 15 comments) but don’t have time to exercise to reduce those flab. The demand is pretty less, balance between virtual and real world. Like our protagonist you can always do away with the cell phone of yours while going for a walk.

All’s Well that ends Well: So maintain harmony as we don’t want to disappoint our very own Fathers of Technology Mr. Gates & Mr. Jobs. These techno mobility devices help us to be in touch 24x7 and also at the remotest of destinations across geographies but at times we are so enthralled with these devices that we forget our basics and personal life. There will be instances where you will see people crossing roads with their headphones plugged on and vehicles honking at them to give them way. It’s hilarious but dangerous, as you read reports about rail & road accidents every alternate day in your newspaper due to these techno mobility device usages. So do take risks, but wisely. Jump of the cliff but do build your wings on the way down.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fly High with Digital

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. Today this imagination has led me take a huge leap to the generation I have left behind decades ago. It was not just an outdoor game or galli cricket; it was an excitement, thinking which gives me goose bumps even today. Gone are those days when a bunch of hooligans used to assemble at an under constructed rooftop or at the open stretch of a playground, to set free those colorful birds with gleaming tail. Flying kites was such a boost to youngsters; finding a buddy to help fly the kite, signaling him to release it at the right time, paying attention to the wind direction and releasing the string; all this use to be such a thrill.

Someone has rightly said, “Don’t be afraid of opposition, a kite rises against, not with the wind.” Far beyond being afraid we used to enjoy the opposition. It was a unique way of competing with our associates; for a game we couldn’t afford to make our ally turn into a foe. That compelled us to change the rule of taking over and cutting other kites; instead we used to compete as to how far one can take the kite. The ladder of success is best climbed when you levitate together. The impact of this in my life was immense and holds good for me till date.

The world has transformed digitally a lot ever since. With ever increasing nuisance like global warming, population exploits, natural calamity and so on, the world can only be salvaged by being united and the world of digital connectivity helps to do that smoothly. Competition, rivalry, conflicts and misuse of power will direct into nothing but destruction. Taking this small act of flying kite into consideration why can’t we all co-operate with one another to climb up the success steps to make this world a better place to live in.

Long live this world of "Digitized Communication" and "Social Media", which is enabling to connect people across the globe to build one global community and live in harmony!!!