Friday, April 20, 2012

Bollywood Unlimited

1982 – Reel Bollywood:
While I had grown up as a kid, I was an ardent fan of Big B (off course I am still a big fan of him) but the scenario then was somewhat different. We were only delighted to see his performance on the silver screen and if we wished to see the same performance repeatedly, we had to book multiple tickets (then there was no option of Bookmyshow or Ticketplease to book tickets online and sometimes we had to pay double the amount). Post that, the era of VCP & VCR (Video Cassette Player & Video Cassette Recorder) emerged where TV used to be the so-called silver screen at home or in clubs. We also had the luxury of reading about our favourite stars in the dailies or magazines. Beyond this, the star connectivity was almost negligible.

2012 – Real Bollywood:
This era brought the real tinsel town from underneath and placed it on our platter; the digital connectivity age. Google tells you all you want to know about your favourite and your not-so-favourite stars. Where they are right now and doing what, Twitter updates you with everything, be it about their mood, what shoot location they are currently in, when they are taking the flight and which city restaurant they are visiting (and lots more, which I cannot put in this small space). Don’t miss the Facebook and the Youtube, where you will be able to find the fan pages to their latest videos (sometimes even the spoofs) and so many of us have been viewing them again and again without even counting how many times. Yes, the Stars love to connect with their fans / followers closely through this virtual world and why not, even they get to promote their latest ventures with the followers, who would eventually brew it as the next blog buster.

2042 – Really Bollywood:
The future will be the Real interaction with the Reel Stars digitally as well as three dimensionally. Gone will be those days where reporters would give away those personal interviews online or anecdotes about their coming project. You yourself can be the latest reporter and could do a one-to-one interaction with your favourite stars. Well it is not my only prediction; the stars predict and anticipate the same. Networking and socialising are the two transitional avenue that will reach to its peak in this era (hopefully the world survives the 2012 prediction). Well all I have to say is long live networking and long live Bollywood Unlimited.

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