Monday, April 16, 2012

Coffee Connection

Cooking Digitally:
Have you ever counted what tasks your mobile office (as in your laptop) plays in your life? Am sure you did. But this time if you count, you will get an added task that it can perform for you. So let’s start counting. 1 Communication, 2 Surfing, 3 Presentations, 4 Networking, 5 Revenue Reports, 6 Cooking….errrrr (it’s not an error; you have read it absolutely right). Yes now your laptop or a desktop can serve you a hot cup of coffee, when you boggle your head while making those hard-core presentations either in your office or at home while burning the midnight oil (you really don’t have to nag either to your office boy or to your partner to get one). So, your small little cooking needs can be taken care by the USB Oven.

USB Oven:
USB mini gas stove brings to you the wonder of cooking with laptop power. All you have to do is plug the stove into the side of your gadget, put your cup on the heated LED plate (designed in a way that gives you the feel of a burner) and the warmer will keep the drink at the optimum temperature. You can also prefer the hotness of your beverage as the adjustable thermostat lets you set the required temperatures from 40-70 degrees. The pocket pinch is not much (just a sum of approx. INR 1000) and to get those steamy flavours at the middle of the night you should get it right away.

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