Monday, March 26, 2012

Jai Ho for Union Budget 2012

Digital friendly Union Budget
A budget tells us what we can't afford and what will be limiting us the coming year, but the latest is telling us what we can really afford and how much more we can spend. There is good news for those who love, play and advertise with digital, by digital and for digital. The budget indicates positive news for developing sectors like digital and outdoor. Service Tax exemption on Digital and Outdoor media (are you going gaga over it??) is already generating a big news. Well it would not only benefit the big & small advertisers, but could also result in availability of few hundred crores more to advertisers for spending on their marketing campaigns. Digital media in a way is again beating the traditional media; making it prominent that you just cannot do without those keyboards (am also contemplating the touch screens). After hearing Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announcing in the Budget for 2012-13,"selling of space or time slots for advertisements other than advertisements broadcast by radio or television" will come in negative list and will be exempt from 12 % service tax, I’m sure the digital gurus want to gift our very own Finance Minister a brand new Apple or Samsung tab (no hard feelings against other brands pl.).

Digital on its Wheels
With the ongoing digital craze, we are all at par to it. I think we receive news alerts faster than those high rise billboards that catch our flickering sight. We spend 1/3rd of our day’s time in front of those digital gadgets (wasting time playing those hidden chronicles on the famous social networking site is also taken into consideration). So promoting brands online is a huge plus. We do almost everything by taking help of this medium, starting from basic communication to connection to content cum entertainment and finally your decisions on commerce (read it e-commerce). Life has changed for everyone after we have access to Mobile and the World Wide Web; by the grace of this digital medium (some definitely consider the search engines like God), it’s really obliging and helpful in our day to day life, for anyone and everyone. Be it a student, a teacher, an astronaut, any professional, the corporate executive, a farmer or a vendor selling fruits and vegetables on the streets, everyone carries Mobile phones. Hence each one of us is connected in this big Global Digital Ecosystem. So, we can really sing the song "Jai Ho" for the UNION BUDGET 2012-13 to help this medium grow and make it much Bigger & Better:)

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