Wednesday, April 23, 2014


What’s the point in voting? Aren’t all politicians just the same? Does my vote even count? These are few among the many questions that we ask when India heats up for the carnival called ELECTION. My answer to you is, yes every vote counts. As the very thing pointed out in the robust movie of Mr. Bachchan, if you don’t utilize your vote, it gets wasted and the party that doesn’t deserve to win gets the flag even by a small margin. Quite Right!
Now, how to find out which party to vote for? That comes easy or I may just twist my words saying, it isn’t easy to trust but we have very many resources that may help us take a call. By call it comes to my mind, your mobile phone, yes that comes handy. With Idea cellular calling their campaign ‘NO ULLU BANAOING’ I am sure internet comes really cheap. And with internet comes the various social platforms, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, even WHATSAPP. Be it the Sarkaar campaigns (quoting to Ab ki baar) or the Handy campaigns (quoting to Har haath) on FACEBOOK, the daredevil interviews on YOUTUBE or the steamy status on TWITTER, every activity on social platforms brings you one step closer to select which button to press on the ‘E-Day’ of your city. All said and done, if you sit back and think that nothing is going to happen to the country, nothing ever will. So if you Care for your Nation, Care for your People, Care to leave your Country in the hands of Right People, you will have to Care to utilize Your Power. Your Power To Vote !

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