Monday, February 20, 2012

Eat, Pray and Love Digital

Eat, Pray and Love: Well the trend goes like Eat Digital, Pray Digital and Love Digital (yes can be celebrated as another V-day). So much so that even toddlers of hardly few months are chanting the same hymns. The other day I was waiting on the lounge of an automobile servicing center (most of the time where you have to wait quite long cause the servicing team takes you as a jobless fellow), something interesting caught my eyes. A tot, barely few months old relaxing on his dad’s lap (interestingly who was wasting time like me), was eating or was licking the blackberry, his dad reluctantly gave, to keep him engaged. It may not be interesting for many, cause its quite a natural sight for kids to do such acts, but going digital on the period of babyhood gives another outlook to it. Out of sheer nosiness, I handed over the baby my spare handset: dabba (as I refer to my cell phone), and I was not disappointed by what he did. He took my dabba (a non-android phone is often considered as dabba these days), observed it and clicked all the possible keys, had a look at the pre-existing handset and returned it with full grace and vigor, continuing to nibble the digital fruit. This gave me immense pleasure (or should I say fear, that world’s every species is turning out to be digital savvy), as it proved that the blackberry is much more ahead of my spare handset, is successfully differentiated even by the kid who hardly can have (eat properly) the same fruit.

Evolution should act like tinkerer: Yes, evolution should reflect the versatility of ‘tinkerer’, the fictional, super villain character (no offence against his baddie approach), who can invent urbane gadgets from nothing more than spare parts left over from ordinary household appliances (quite eco-friendly I tell you). Evolution is healthy and growing when it works for the species race not against it. Human beings are the only species that have evolved significantly from the caves and have slumped on digital mainframes. And the evolution has affected the tiny generations so hard, that its way to impossible to fix them on those parks. The age-old toys are getting replaced by high-end play-stations and none of them have any resemblance to bio-degrability. Play and reside to the world of digital is what the young generation believe and worship. They are pro at picking even the most complex function of those play-stations (way better than the grown-ups who they consider as dumb). In the weekends they no longer plead their parents to take them to a picnic, instead they hop to the nearest mall (sometimes even without their parents) to get hooked on those video-games and car races (which I consider as mere gambling). I think the next generation (XYZeee, whatever we name it) would even feel free to sit back home and enjoy digital schooling, wherein the teacher would appear on those web screen, while the students (in their pajamas) dawdle about on the bed (hilarious situation even to visualize). Well long live digital world as long as it gives back the usual and normal childhood of a kid because the soul of a grown-up is healed by being just with children.

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