Monday, March 5, 2012

Drinking the Digital Way

Save money while drinking: Last week while I was in the western suburbs of Mumbai (to pay a visit to one of my client), I visited a restaurant (obviously I was hungry after the hardcore meeting) and was enthralled of what it offered me. After taking a corner seat the attendant handed me the food menu (which was pretty normal), but what soon caught my eyes was an interesting iPad Menu application, through which you can order your drink, and it works on the same mode as that of a stock exchange (confused?? Right!! So was my situation). It’s not that I am into drinking (yes am quite proud about it), but was keen to explore how it works. Supply and demand in stock markets is driven by various factors that affect the price of stocks and the same way you can avail discounts on the actual rates of the drinks (you got that). Cheers to such apps, where you can check your favourite drink from the screen listing a variety of Beers, Wines, Rum, Vodkas & Whiskeys (sorry if I have left any), where the prices fluctuates based on the demand-supply economics (we can assume that during weekends the prices will be high and the opposite during week days). While I’m writing about this on my blog, I am sure my friends would be waiting to visit such places; especially because they can drink unlimited (as they always do) and it won’t even make big holes in their pockets.

Ordering your favourite food on the go: It’s not just drinking, even ordering food is becoming a hassle-free thing these days, through various apps on several App Stores that display the menus of several restaurants at users’ fingertips. This makes life of the food lovers (people who live to eat!!) so easy to choose their favourite dishes from a variety of menu options and allow users to order food on the go from online menus on the fly without the any kind of human interaction (I wonder what’s the future of those waiters). Well what they can surely do is, they shall be roaming around with various digital devices, and would ask you to select one device through which you can order your food. Interesting!! Isn’t it?

Coffee with Karan (No advertisement please): This is not just about the TV show “Coffee with Karan” which has a different dynamics all together, it’s about another app in the making, wherein you could place your order on your Smart phones before you visit your favourite coffee shops like Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee or Gloria Jeans Coffee shop. Just imagine, now you don’t have to wait on the queue for those Cappuccinos and if you are essentially in a hurry, you have the liberty to buy some credit & make the payment before you even reach the coffee shop. Just visit the coffee shop on the move, pick up your coffee and enjoy the sweetness that will melt you in no time. Long live discoveries and long live the essential fruit of our life. Three Cheers!!!

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